Aviation insurance

At all times, more than 10,000 planes are in flight worldwide. Together with our international partners, we are providing important risk coverage for commercial, military and private aviation in the Romanian sector.

"CASCO" aircraft insurance: All Risks / Total loss/ War risk

The modernisation of the air fleets favoured the increase of flight hours, the cargo value and the number of passengers carried by the airlines, forcing operators and airlines to develops complex operational, security and risk transfer strategies.

Damage Insurance for the aircraft engine

Insurance of aircraft engines can be a useful addition to the hull insurance, in particular for state-of-the-art aircraft engines and turbines.

Liability insurance for passengers, including luggage and cargo

In accordance with international regulations and treaties, airlines must compensate injured third parties, including owners or passengers whose luggage or cargo transported were damaged, delayed or lost.

Aviation liability insurance

The number of passengers has increased, according to estimates by the International Association of Air Transport, from two billion annually in 2005 to over four billion in 2017, a development that has permanently raised the requirements of the bodies regulating this field.

Accident insurance for aviation personnel

The pilots and crew of an aircraft are exposed to a wide range of dangers, including flying in various types of weather conditions or to airports in states with political instability.