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OBSIDIAN INSURANCE-REINSURANCE BROKER S.R.L. may store, in written or electronic form, administer and use in a safe manner the information or personal data voluntarily provided in the course of navigation on our site. We collect and process different types of data, including names and first name, address, contact details (phone, email). Depending on how you interact with it site, we may receive both your data and that of one or more members of your family. Personal data may come directly from you or sometimes from third parties, among others such as insurance intermediaries, travel agencies, service units, police, other insurance companies. In the case we have to process personal data obtained from third parties who are legal entities the latter are obliged to provide you with the necessary information regarding the use of the data personally transmitted. As detailed below, Obsidian Broker processes your data for legitimate purposes, to maintain customer relations, to provide information regarding Obsidian Broker products and services or for conducting research and analysis. Complying with the requirements of the law and compliance regulations regarding the storage and use of data Obsidian Broker considers that the delivery, while browsing the site, of the information of character personally, through order forms or other types of interaction with the site, represents your express and unequivocal consent to the processing of the data you you have provided them to us for insurance or reinsurance purposes. Obsidian Broker has a compliant infrastructure for the possession and processing of personal data and complies with all security and protection restrictions imposed by law.

We inform you below on how the processing of personal data is carried out and on the rights of data subjects, in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of European Parliament and of the EU Council from 27 April 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the GDPR).
Given the diverse range of insurance products in the Obsidian Broker portfolio, we can process several categories of personal data, varying depending on the type of product insurance you opt for.

In the case of your agreement, personal data may also be used to promote the products our insurance, as well as for conducting market research, other commercial communications or distribution of information materials on insurance products and services provided by through direct agents Obsidian Broker. Article 9 para. (2) lit. (j) of the GDPR allows processing in marketing purposes of personal data, which will be carried out on the basis of the consent of the data subject, according to art. 6 para. (1) (a) of the GDPR .

Obsidian Broker is collecting only the data absolutely necessary for the agreed objectives. We ask them to our customers to communicate personal data only where it is strictly necessary. When we need to process personal data to provide services, we may require our customers to provide information about other data subjects, such as family members, beneficiaries of contract or other types of insured persons Obsidian Broker processes your data to protect its legitimate interests or those of third parties in various situations, from ensuring security and IT operations, to preventing and crime investigation, in particular for the analysis of data indicating the existence of insurance fraud. OBSIDIAN BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE S.R.L. may disclose your personal data, when required by law or in situations where the company allows itself to exercise the rights provided by law in its favour to take legal action against any illegal activity. We can, in the specified cases, communicate your personal data to legal and regulatory authorities, reinsurers, accountants, external auditors or advisors of the company or third parties who provide products and services OBSIDIAN BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE S.R.L. (eg IT system vendors, vendors of marketing services)

REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND EU COUNCIL (47) "The legitimate interests of an controller, including those of a controller to whom personal data may be disclosed or of a third party, may constitute a legal basis for processing, provided that it does not prevail the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, taking into account reasonable expectations of the data subjects based on their relationship with the operator. This legitimate interest could exist, for example, when there is a relevant and appropriate relationship between the data subject and the controller, such as where the data subject is a customer of the operator or is in his service. In any case, the existence of an interest would require a careful assessment, including whether a data subject can make a reasonable assessment reasonable, at the time and in the context of the collection of personal data, the possibility of processing in this purpose. The interests and fundamental rights of the data subject may prevail in particular in relation to the interest data controller when personal data are processed in circumstances in which persons does not reasonably envisage further processing. Because the legislator must provide the basis for the processing of personal data by public authorities, that legal basis would not it must apply to processing by public authorities in the performance of their duties. Processing of Personal data strictly necessary for the purpose of fraud prevention is also a legitimate interest of the data controller concerned. Processing of personal data aimed at direct marketing may be deemed to be in the public interest. "

According to Law no. 677/2001, you have the possibility to exercise the right of access to data, the right of rectification and their deletion, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right opposition and the right not to be subject to a decision based exclusively on automatic processing, inclusive creating profiles. The right of access to personal data held by us, as a Data Controller, allows you to access all your personal information that Obsidian Broker has process and request information about the purposes of processing, categories of personal data the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data were or to be disclosed to them.

You also have the right to go to court in connection with any violation of rights regarding the processing of personal data. For such requests, you can contact us as follows:
  • By E-mail to:
  • Staff at Obsidian Broker headquarters, address: Str. Moţilor 13A, section B, et. 4, ap 27, Sector 3, Bucharest - 031521
  • By a request sent by mail to Str. Moţilor 13A, section B, et. 4, ap 27, Sector 3, Bucharest - 031521
  • Telephone - at the number: +40 21 7969 383
  • By filling out the form below

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