Financial Risk Insurance

Surety Bonds

A team of consultants with experience in public procurement contracts provides assistance in long-term partnerships, insuring the companies for the public contracts.

Trade Credit Insurance

The reputation, the probity and the good practices of the business partners constitutes optimal premises to correct the commercial contracts

Export credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance facilitated by Obsidian Broker offers protection in case of prolonged non-payment of invoices

Insuring the risk of insolvency / bankruptcy of travel agents

We know that an insolvency situation is the last thing you would like to happen, but the high competition in tourism and the volatile business environment leads to numerous vulnerabilities of the system...

Tourism Insurance

Unforeseen events often occur shortly before leaving for a trip, in which the cancellation costs are often very high, up to 85-100% of the price paid.

The Event cancellation insurance

The contemporary industry of organising events has experienced spectacular growth, enthusiastically supported by the service industry and at times merging with the tourism industry.