General liability insurance

Often referred to in public discourse in the case of accidents at work or tragedies in buildings belonging to companies, the general liability policy covers all types of damages brought to third parties, from material damage or personal injury, to financial or image damage.

Some customers may even condition the signing of contracts on the purchase of a general liability policy, therefore, even if not required by law, this type of insurance should be a priority for any entrepreneur.

The scenarios of a possible risk are numerous, starting from the simplest of them: during a office visits, a customer slips and is injured. Without general liability insurance, the contractor could be solely responsible for all medical and legal expenses related to the period of recovery. In complex cases, an entrepreneur could pay with the entire business, including the personal fortune, the damages imputed to him.

We guarantee the competence and good practices of our partners, fully covering the risks associated with their field of activity regarding possible accidental damage to third parties - customers, employees or suppliers.

With adequate liability insurance, entrepreneurs can run their business without worries, because the damage it could accidentally cause to others will be covered. This type of insurance, issued following a technical assessment, it is also a guarantee that an entrepreneur respects both the prevention legislation in force, as well as the norms, ethics and recommended working methodologies. Accidents remain possible even when a company is operating perfectly. The insurance covers a wide range of incidents, from property damage to personal injury or death.

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