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Obsidian Broker de Asigurare Reasigurare SRL is a Romanian company with a Swiss shareholding, established in 2019 with the purpose of providing professional risk management and insurance consulting services to economic players.


Risk Management

By transfering the risks and minimizing them through consulting, Obsidian is a strategic partner of companies in their effort to improve
the decision making process in strategic initiatives, for better allocation of capital resources and operational efficiency.

Our Strengths

We understand and deeply respect good businesses and so we believe that their protection is a vital need, not a secondary issue. Therefore, we see risk management and insurance as a core responsibility and a fundamental duty of the leadership team. People may be risk-averse, but businesses simply cannot afford this.

Our Mission

There are risks that you know, predictable and seen, and risks that you don't know and cannot predict. For the first there are insurance solutions already, for the second there are some also, but not yet born.

We don't have them in our pocket and neither do you. But we can grow them together in an in-depth common search.

In other words:
    We don't talk insurance, we talk business. Your business, to be more specific.
    We don't transact, we consult, i.e. we don't sell policies’ packages, we advise you upon your specific risks.
    We don't think standard, although we deliver upon standards. We pledge to think, re-think, create and innovate in business.
    The future seems good to us.

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