Insurance consultancy services and intermediation of insurance contracts

Obsidian Broker provides professional insurance consulting services, as follows:

- Audit of existing insurance contracts and programs, in order to optimise insurance conditions: degree of risk coverage, total cost of risk, level of insurance premiums, etc.;
- Risk financing programs and alternative risk transfer solutions;
- Assistance in the bidding / selection process of an insurance broker, granting the brokerage mandate and contractual terms of collaboration with a brokerage firm, including remuneration or post-placement services;
- Other consultancy services regarding the insurance policies subscribed, the manner of carrying out the respective contracts, etc.

The professional insurance consulting services can be offered directly or in partnership with other specialised professionals, and their employment is usually remunerated through a fee, the level of which depends on the complexity of the request. This fee can be compensated by the subsequent hiring of our brokerage services - obviously in situations where this is possible (for example not in the case of assistance in organising a tender / selection of brokerage services, to avoid conflict of interest).

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