Insurance for additional expenses due to business interruption

In the event of a disaster, an entrepreneur may incur a number of additional expenses for business recovery. This will enable the company to continue its activity and undertake the necessary investments to recover and limit the crisis period.

Properly structured, this insurance policy, which is supplementing the insurance for the losses from the interruption of the activity, it can provide the critical capital for a business in order to survive a disaster. This can make the difference between an enterprise capable of rebuilding, recovering and maintains relationships with its suppliers and customers, or one that is severely affected, in the situation of going out of business.

As this is an added budgetary effort to those already involved in compensating for damage, the additional costs allocated to the recovery further strain the critical moment of the company. The insurance policies in the Obsidian Broker portfolio cover this type of expenses.

In addition to the rental costs of new spaces, in case of relocation, expenses can be added for the removal of debris in the event of an explosion or earthquake, costs of intervention of the fire department in case of explosions or fires, or professional fees for various types of specialists involved in the intervention.

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