Insurance for leisure ships

The Obsidian Broker team supports the marine leisure industry, offering to various types of operators in this market the expertise and experience needed to set up viable solutions in risk mitigation and risk transfer.

Regardless of the type of pleasure craft you own, yacht, sailing boat, motor or Cruise, Obsidian Broker offers perfectly tailored insurance policies that cover all types of risks.

All-risk policies include civil liability, including the costs of a lawsuit, liability for pollution and the necessary costs for wreck removal. Also the insurance policy covers certain medical and related expenses for all those on board and, depending on the options, also fishing gear or their personal effects.

The boat and the associated property are insured against total loss or damage, a accidental damage or damage caused by meteorological events, theft or vandalism, among many others. Marinas, yacht clubs or other similar facilities where customers keep their boats can also be included in the policies, as additional insurance.

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