Insurance for losses resulting from business interruption

Prevention strategies and streamlining processes in the production flow cannot anticipate accidents or bad weather that threaten to disrupt the activity of a company, thus bringing significant cash losses. In addition to damaged property and property destruction, damages to assets or the equipment of a company incurs long - term losses, resulting from the disruption of the cycles of production or sometimes total cessation of activity.

Extreme weather events and other natural disasters rank first among the factors which have caused significant disruption to many businesses in recent years. But fires, and floods storms are just some of the events that can suddenly disrupt an organisation's business. There are also man-made events, such as terrorist or cyber attacks, that can affect incredibly quickly even big business. This is why insurance loss from downtime is more important than ever to guarantee the success of an organisation.

The transfer of this type of risk to an insurance company is a huge support for a entrepreneur, who will thus have the chance to recover all his losses and be able to restore his business operations.

This insurance policy offsets both profit lost due to the interruption of the activity, as well as the operational expenses occasioned by the relocation or by the salaries and other payment obligations incurred during the reconstruction period.

Depending on the type of insurance policy chosen, the investor may request the restoration of damaged property and capacity of production, along with the recovery of turnover losses.

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