Insurance for the means of transport

The owners of the fleets of trucks, vans or cars can rely on our experts to provide consulting and tailored insurance products, so any type of investment in this area should be insured in the face of the multiple risks faced by the industry.

Car Insurance (CASCO)

It covers the motor vehicle against various risks such as fire, natural disasters, theft of the motor vehicle or the equipment installed therein, a breakdown as a result of collision with another vehicle or object on the road etc.

Car insurance for third party liability/ car green card

For those companies whose activity also involves traveling within the territory of the European Union, insurance developed the "Green Card" system - a European protection mechanism for victims of accidents cross-border road traffic.

Insurance for railroad transport

Railway companies, public agencies and industrial organizations are reaching Obsidian Broker for the best insurance solutions, suitable for the most difficult problems encountered in current road transport activities.