Insurance of buildings and their contents, including equipment and unregistered vehicles

Storms, earthquakes or other natural disasters can destroy production halls or cargo stocks, and fires and explosions may impair equipment or machines which are part of the company's patrimony.

In addition to direct damage, the remediation of which often involves significant costs, damage to the assets or equipment of a company results in long-term losses, as a consequence of the disruption of production cycles or the complete interruption of activity. Considering that such disasters can cause billions in damage, transferring risks to an insurance company is a crucial risk management tool in protecting an investment.

The insurance policies in the Obsidian Broker portfolio cover all the company assets that allows the business to operate. Following an adapted analysis, we issue insurance policies both for buildings intended for administrative purposes and, as well, for halls production or other types of utility construction.

The insurance policy covers all the goods in these buildings, from furniture, equipment or stocks of goods, to materials and raw materials.

Obsidian Broker welcomes builders, farmers and all categories of contractors who own towed or self-propelled machinery, vehicles which, in accordance with legal provisions, are not subject to registration. Unregistered equipment and vehicles can be insured for the damages that are occurring when stored, but also during their operation or movement to working points.

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