Liability insurance of shipping companies / road transport intermediaries

Shipping companies operating nationally or internationally have a competent partner in Obsidian Broker, which facilitates the coverage and management of risks for any physical damage to property, as well as for any financial loss due to errors or fault in the exercise of the profession of carrier.

This insurance provides coverage for all land transport by truck and other commercial vehicles, taking the risks for a number of possible incidents, such as theft, damage following a collision and other related risks. The carrier is responsible from the moment of taking over the management of the goods and until the moment of its delivery to the point of destination. All professionals errors that might occur throughout this route are covered by this policy.
Liability insurance for shipping companies is "limited liability coverage" and concerns the fault of the carrier, such as the loss or total or partial destruction of the goods, as well as other financial losses due to omissions or unintentional errors committed during the period storage or forwarding of goods.
This type of insurance also covers:
  • Costs
  • Costs resulting from civil proceedings
  • Costs to replace damaged or lost documents
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