Personnel insurance

We support human resources departments in organisations or corporations in their efforts to attract and retain the most important resources of a company: professionals.

Health insurance

In partnership with elite clinics and hospitals in the country and internationally, Obsidian Broker provides its partners complete health insurance solutions, covering the necessary procedures for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Group health insurance for employees

The type of health insurance included in the salary package has become one of the most important criteria in evaluating an employer.

Health insurance with international coverage

Obsidian Broker offers access to high standard healthcare through insurance products that enables treatment in international clinics and hospitals. Depending on the package selected, the insurance products from Our portfolio allows treatment in European clinics and hospitals or in medical units throughout world.

Medical insurance for travel abroad

We travel with our partners, covering all the risks that could threaten your health on holidays, team-buildings or on business trips.

Employee accident insurance

In accordance with the legislative requirements on employee safety, the insurance plans made by Obsidian Broker advisors covers all risks arising from professional activity, depending on the needs and the financial plan of a company.

Key person insurance

We support human resources departments in the efforts of protection, insurance and retention of employees with a high professional potential, who work in key areas of responsibility within an organisation.