Risk consulting services
A team of experts in risk management provides consultancy in the early identification of potential risks and best practice in risk management.

Reports and specialised counselling are essential tools for the decision-making process, from the general assessment of investments or the preparation of strategies for entry into new markets, third-party verification or compliance. Obsidian Broker experts provide a wide range of solutions, analysis, management and audit, to meet the specific needs of each type of company.

Risk Analysis

Changes in the price of goods and legislative risks, banking crises, variations in stability of systems or problems of emerging markets, are all important crises that require identification and analysis in order to develop strategies for prevention, control and reduction of them.

Risk Management Research

How companies manage to mobilise resources to manage risks, cost-effective in meeting the strategic objectives, it is an important advantage in an even more competitive. Analysis of risk statistics and the specific context of a company at the moment of the decision reduces the risk exposure.

Business Risks Audit

Any company is faced with internal and external factors that create uncertainties related to their ability to achieve their goals. Risk identification and assessment is a critical component for the operational optimisation.