Risk management study

Any activity, be it commercial, public, social, cultural, etc., involves risks likely to affect the proposed objectives, all ultimately translating into financial consequences, respectively losses or damages. Therefore, an essential component of the overall management process should be risk management, a process often neglected and brought to the attention of unfortunate events: accidents, natural disasters, etc. The way in which companies manage to mobilise their resources to manage risks, making costs more efficient in meeting strategic objectives, can be an advantage over competition in increasingly competitive markets.

Obsidian Broker offers advice in formalising a risk management process, using logical and systematic methods centred around several essential questions: what can happen and why? what can be the consequences? what is the probability of this happening? what is the tolerable or acceptable level of impact? what are the factors that can contribute to mitigating the frequency or severity of the risks? how can the risks be eliminated or minimized? The answers to all these questions are addressed in an integrated manner and they are finally found in a risk management report, the conclusions and recommendations of which will be subsequently used in the organisation..

The risk approach strategy is unique to any organisation and it depends, first of all, on the nature of the activities and objectives of the respective organisation. Obsidian Broker consultants address each identified risk category and offer personalised recommendations and solutions.

In implementing risk mitigation strategies, Obsidian Broker offers personalised recommendations and solutions, tailored to the particularities and activity specificity of our partners and their objectives, but our role does not stop there. The risks are in a continuous dynamic and the definition of an adequate system of monitoring and early reaction is extremely important, so that any change in the risk profile will find an immediate response in the response strategy.

Risk management within an organisation requires coordination. We build communication strategies and protocols that meet the information needs of board members, senior managers, risk management team and other internal and external stakeholders.

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