Shipbuilding and repair insurance

Obsidian Broker holds in its portfolio insurance policies that covers the risks during the periods of shipbuilding or repair work for the benefit of shipyards, contractors and their subcontractors.

Obsidian Broker consultants provide advice, drafting, according to the needs of its partners, policies that to insure all types of damage that may occur in shipbuilding or repair halls, including losses that the owner has to bear as a result of delays in delivery of the ship built or repaired. The costs of a faulty launch are also covered or the cost of the ship's mutual contribution to the damage.

The insurance products in the Obsidian Broker portfolio for this segment covers the hull, machinery, installations and equipment of the ship under construction or repair, despite that these works are carried out on a construction site or in other types of workshops belonging to the manufacturer. Also insured are the risks related to the equipment purchased - subassemblies, installations or equipment installed by subcontractors - against damage caused by various types of incidents, from fire, explosion or latent defects, design errors or collision.

As with all other risks we take, we want to better know our client so that we can add value to the policy configuration. This involves shipyard assessments that will enable us to identify their concrete needs, in order to choose adapted insurance solutions.

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