Car Insurance (CASCO)

The car fleet is among the essential segments for the good development of a business, thus so that its control and good management strategies are a priority for any investor. Owners of truck, van or car fleets can rely on Obsidian Broker experts, which will provide advice and tailored insurance products so that any type of investment in this be assured in the face of the multiple risks facing the industry.

Crowded traffic and the 'attempts' of other drivers to deal with it are just as many opportunities for risk, which would it could cause damage and, at the same time, financial losses to the owner. Overturned trucks or involved in collisions are a common reality on the roads and in news programs, and fires or theft can also have unpleasant consequences for an investor. In more severe cases, of a natural disasters or vandalism, the losses could be considerable, difficult or impossible compensated.

CASCO insurance takes the risks for all these scenarios, and our experts will offer you solutions adapted to the specific needs of a business, whether the car fleet is composed of various types of head tractors, from fleets of cars used in urban transport or for the delivery of goods.

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