Liability insurance

Obsidian Broker takes the professional or civil liability risks of its partners, contributing to strengthening the image and reputation of insured experts or partner companies.

General legal liability insurance

Some customers may even require you to sign contracts by purchasing a policy general civil liability, so even if not required by law, this type of insurance should to be a priority for any business.

Manufacturer's civil liability insurance

Whatever the rigours and quality standards maintained by a manufacturer, if one product is causing material damage or injury to a person, the distributor may be liable to pay damages.

Civil liability insurance of the service provider

No entrepreneur wants to face a judicial trial, although the trials are in fact a common practice. If a client complains about an accusation covered by this policy, the insurance company will cover both the damages requested and the expenses related to the trial or the legal fees.

Contractors Liability Insurance for the executed works

Entrepreneurs find this insurance extremely useful, which covers any material damages produced on the construction site, taking over the manufacturer's liability for the executed work.

Professional liability insurance

In the case of professions with high standards of execution, the professional risks are transferred entirely to an insurance company, so that the competence and work of these specialists will never be questioned.

Managerial liability insurance

As a partner of companies that invest in development, Obsidian Broker provides an important insurance portfolio for corporate governance growth, a process that involves numerous associated risks and special strategies for managing them.

Civil liability insurance for the passenger of the carrier

Part of the series of required annual insurance, compulsory for the issuing of licenses for transport of persons, this type of policy covers the damage caused to life, health or property travelers.

Civil liability insurance of shipping houses / road transport intermediaries

This insurance provides coverage for all land transport by truck or other utility vehicles, covering the risks for a number of possible incidents, such as theft, damage resulting from a collision and other related risks.

Civil liability insurance for operators in tourism

Good practice insurance, which covers the risks of mistakes or omissions during the professional activity, represents an absolutely necessary level of protection in the over-regulated field such as the tourism industry.