Maritime insurance

We are partners of river and Black Sea navigators. We cover the risks of shipowners and managers of shipping or cruise companies in Romania.

Ship insurance (casco/hull)

A number of incidents can suddenly and unexpectedly increase the costs of a shipping company, resulting in a number of other significant additional losses resulting from the interruption of the process production.

Shipbuilding and repair insurance

Obsidian Broker experts insure all types of damage produced in the construction halls or ship repairs, including failed water launch or losses due to delivery delays

Insurance of ports and maritime terminals

Insurance for ports and maritime terminals in the Obsidian Broker portfolio is configured taking into account all the risks to which an operator is exposed under the conditions of current trade dynamics.

Insurance of leisure ships

Regardless of the type of pleasure boat you own, yacht, sailing boat, motor or cruise, Obsidian Broker offers perfectly tailored insurance policies that cover all types of risks.

Insurance of goods transported by sea

Companies can secure their investments for various disastrous scenarios, such as fires, explosions or weather, as well as the shipwreck or sinking, the costs involved in unloading goods in a port of refuge, piracy, theft, robbery or other storage risks.

Insurance of the risk of non-payment of crew salaries (crewing)

Guarantee of good practices of employers, policies that cover the risk of non-payment of salaries are part of the crew insurance, as well as covering the risks posed by third parties that the employer may have in in the case of unforeseen situations.

Shipowners' liability insurance, P&I type (Protection & Indemnity)

There is no standard P&I insurance form. Every insurance policy of this type is created with specific terms and conditions for each insured, depending on the nature of the risk and the nature and the value of insurance desired.