Carrier liability insurance for transported goods (CMR)

As the world economy continues to expand, so do volumes and complexity of international freight transport. Obsidian Broker offers a comprehensive range of special products designed to meet the increasingly complex and ever-changing needs of the current consignor of goods.

If you have invested in import-export business, you need to know how important it is to insure goods, a policy that takes risks for the delivery of products in the proper condition. The amounts required for shipping are considerable and it is not uncommon for the contractor to ignore the importance of insurance, and they incur losses.

This insurance policy offers types of coverage that carriers do not normally have with other policies and, in many cases, their liability may be less than the value of your goods. Also, the laws and transport conventions include limitations that may reduce compensation to a certain amount per kilogram, which is often to the disadvantage of investors, because it is possible that payments do not always cover the entire value of the load.

The Goods insurance provides coverage against all types of risks during shipment, loss, physical damage or damage to the load due to any external cause. The policy is intended for all categories of owners of the transported goods and for any type of transport chosen by them, whether by land, sea ​​or air. It is a flexible product, which allows the insurance of the goods in question, including transport, customs and other associated costs.

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