Civil liability insurance of tourism operators

Given the pressures exerted by such a high level of industry regulation, liability insurance is an additional safety net, protecting the agent from tourism for any errors for which it is responsible, occurred in its activities.

Travel agencies are subject to local legislation and international regulations, which protect the interests of consumers by ensuring refund policies in case of incompetence or fraud. As representatives of their clients, travel agencies take on a number of general organisational tasks a trip, from researching the availability of travel services, performing and confirming reservations, including itinerary changes and ticket delivery, as well as advice on the series necessary insurance or potential hazards at the place of destination. Evaluating this special relationship between travel agents and their clients, the demands in this industry are higher and involve a number of special obligations.

Good practice insurance, which takes over the risks of mistakes or omissions in the course professional activity, represents an absolutely necessary level of protection in an over-regulated field such as the tourism industry.

Intended for travel agencies, tour operators or professional associations, the policy covers material damage or personal injury caused to customers as a result of non-execution or faulty execution of contractual obligations. The policy includes court costs and payment compensation for damage caused to customers as a result of loss, destruction or damage original documents handed over to a travel agency.
This type of insurance also covers:
  • Costs
  • Costs resulting from civil proceedings
  • Costs to replace damaged or lost documents
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