Group health insurance for employees

The type of health insurance included in the salary package has become one of the most important criteria in evaluating an employer. In accordance with current requirements related to responsibility and prevention, companies give priority to the safety needs of employees permanent, integrating in the salary package private health insurances or subscriptions to private clinics.

Proof of long-term commitment and good practice in labor relations, health insurance is an important tool for motivating and retaining staff. Obsidian Broker offers advice in choosing the optimal solutions and configures insurance products adapted to the needs all its partners, from established companies to those that are in the process of expanding, thus giving more importance to employee loyalty. We support, through customised solutions, the HR efforts for a high staff retention rate and for attracting valuable professionals.

The group health insurances in our portfolio are tailored to the needs of the insured and its financial plan. We provide all types of medical benefit modules, including medical tests and investigations, outpatient treatment or medical services for birth and the costs for treatment or surgery in all types of severe diagnoses. Depending on the employer's options, the insurance plan includes medical services for health wellbeing and risk factors detections.

The cost of health insurance is deducted from the taxable income, up to a limit of 400 euros per year for each employee.

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