Insurance for railroad transport

The railway industry is dynamic and complex. Unfortunately, the damage they do records from time to time are always expensive. Only those who are familiar with the field can fully understand the complicated types of risk exposures in the case of railway rolling stock. A Rolling stock failure can cause delays and disruptions to transportation services or it can even lead to catastrophic derailment accidents.

Beyond the effort to keep trains and railway infrastructure in good condition and operational, through risk transfer a company creates a culture focused on protecting investment, employees, passengers and the public, while significantly reducing the total cost of potential risk.

Railway companies, public agencies and industrial organisations rely on Obsidian Broker for the best insurance solutions, appropriate to the most difficult problems encountered in the activities current land transport.

Through its international partners, experts and evaluators in the railway industry and insurance companies with International reputation, Obsidian Broker covers the entire industry, including all passenger services, all classes of transport and freight and all stakeholders, financial and operational.

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