All risks insurance

For management teams, business intelligence is the strategic raw material in the decision making process and, consequently, one of the prerequisites for success. However, there are also hazardous areas, with variables difficult or impossible to predict or control.

The effort to anticipate risks in areas with multiple vulnerabilities can be offset entirely by special policies, covering all situations of danger, ensuring both own property, as well as damages caused to third parties.
As a unique way to ensure the safety of an investment in the face of special dangers, the 'All risks' insurance policy is increasingly required in the case of public procurement or works financed from European funds, but it is also an optimal solution for builders, real estate developers or other types of entrepreneurs. In the case of this insurance, all possible hazards are covered, except of those exempted. For example, if the policy "all risks" issued to a homeowner does not explicitly exclude cover for acts of vandalism, then its residential complex will be covered in this particular case.

This type of policy also covers the amounts that the contractor would have a legal obligation to pay to the third parties for cases of illness or injury due to accidents or for material damage caused to third parties on the premises or in the immediate vicinity of his property.

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